TasteCoin is the ultimate coin designed to give financial freedom. We use various methods to consistently grow TasteCoin helping investors to make profits from their holdings. No investor will be left behind.

Contract Address
0xEdAE23988e8999d83747104970Bf98C1Ae38F77F (TC)


  • April 2024: Marketing & Profit Generation For Holders (expected 10000x)
  • May 2024: Continuation Of Marketing & Building More Liquidity
  • June 2024: Listing On CEX 
  • July 2024 - September 2024: Listing On Multiple CEX
  • August 2024 - December 2024: Further development of platform, adding more features and benefits, influencers marketing & other marketing
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Taste Coin (TC)

Taste Coin Tokenomics

70% of the TasteCoin Version 2 will be distributed for public trading eventually. Remaining 20% of the Taste Coin will be kept on hold for distribution in other platforms. 10% of the Token will be kept for Capital balance and Yield generation.

Benefits Of Holding Taste Coin 

We make continuous effort to grow the TasteCoin protocol. Including DEx, CEx listing accross multiple chains apart from that we launch various products that is intended to help investors as well as users, which draws in more investors thus helping the users and it's holders.

TasteCoin (TC) Vs Other Tokens

Here Are Some Of The Main Differences Between Us & Others
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Price & Yield Generator

TasteCoin has a huge supply and is low priced. So everyone can participate. Our yield generator is capable of generating yield even in turbulent market keeping investors happy at all times.

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Price/ No Yield Generator

Some token are low priced which allows participant to get full tokens but a lot of them are high priced which stops the participants to get full tokens. This gives an unfair advantage to people with more capital, apart from that yield generator is missing in almost every token so the buyers goes through a rollercoaster ride once purchased.

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